Animation Tests

Two motion tests I did at Hornet when I had free time between projects, I was able to use some old puppets from previous spots to complete these.

Fabrication Explorations

I had sculpted this beefy looking dude in my free time one day at Hornet, and decided to take the sculpt through a few different pipelines to practice casting and painting. 

For the first head, I made a platinum silicone mold using Mold Star 30, then I made a silicone cast using Dragon Skin 10. After cleaning the surface with alcohol, I spent a few days painting the sculpt with Psycho Paint. When I was happy with the paint job, I sealed it with two coats of untinted Psycho and applied baby powder to dull the shine as the last coat was curing. As a finishing touch, I did one last bit of untinted psycho paint on the lips to bring back some shine. 

For the other two heads, I used the previous mold to make plastic casts, and I used a mixture of airbrushing, pastels, and colored pencils to achieve the final paint jobs.