Lobster Girl (2018)

Lobster Girl is a Stop Motion film about a teenage girl struggling to fit in and find love, I mean, WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE, right? It's just a bit harder to fit in when you're half lobster, half human, and 100% clumsy. Luckily LG's (short for Lobster Girl) love interest likes her for who she is, and will go as far as to flex his phone number using his awesome muscles in hopes to ask her on a date. Lobster Girl is a collaborative film I had the pleasure of directing and animating on during Spring of 2018.

LG Final Shot 5.PNG

Lobster Girl Puppet

For the Lobster Girl puppet, we wanted to really sell the look of her lobster arms and head, we knew we wanted to use a hard material instead of silicone or foam, so we opted for casting the arms in plastic. As for everything else, we casted her in silicone. I was responsible for sculpting the main body in Chavant clay, while Madeleine Arana was responsible for sculpting the arms. We both then made a two part plaster mold for the body, and individual silicone molds for the arms segments using GI-1000. For the joint segments in between each arm part, I molded and casted foam balls tinted with pigment to slide onto the armature wire, to allow better range of movement in the arms. I sculpted the mouth "feelers" using proxy, and then drilled into them with jeweler drill bits to insert 24 gauge wire to connect them to the face. I did the same for the eyes using small plastic balls that had been spray painted, and used 24 gauge wire again for the antennas.

When injecting the silicone for the main body, I painted in bright red silicone for her upper body using tinted silicone and UFC, and did the same for her yellow and white shoes. After the parts were painted in, I injected the base silicone that was tinted to the color of her human legs. After injection I removed the seams from the body using foam dremel bits and vaseline. 

Madeleine Arana was responsible for painting the plastic arms and face, and assisting with silicone injection.

Shawn Thompson was responsible for the final costuming.


For the title sequence, we wanted to go with a minimal paper-cut out look, so we opted for laser-cutting sprites of a mini Lobster Girl running across the screen. I did a rough animation of LG running the distance of the screen in ToonBoom Harmony, then I brought that animation into Illustrator and planned out the individual colored pieces. I created the vectors of the individual pieces, and then separated them into different files according to color. After the pieces were cut, I assembled them with white glue and sent them off to be animated.

-Assistance with paper sprite assembly by Madeleine Arana


-Stop Motion Animation by Madeleine Arana

Brad Full Character Sheet.jpg
Brad Expressions New.jpg
LG Final Shot 7.PNG
Style Frames.png
My Lobster Girlfriend.psd.png