Hornet Instagram Holidays: The Santanappers (2019)

During the late fall, Matt Scharenbroich and I created this Stop-Motion holiday short for the Hornet Instagram page, based on a concept drawing Natalie Labarre had done. The goal was to create physical puppets in a physical set that was as close to the 2D illustration we had been provided. This called for lots of forced perspective, flat painting, and hidden rigging. 

I was responsible for creating the tree and all of it's decorations, as well as the various swap-out increments needed to animate it. I fabricated and painted various props throughout the scene, as well as painting one of the puppets. I also did the final animation and compositing. 


The tree and puppets were animated on 1s, while the fire was animated on 2s.


Original concept and design by Natalie Labarre