Dick's Sporting Goods Holiday Spot (2019)

Hornet did a series of animations for a Dick's Sporting Goods holiday campaign in the fall, we were tasked with rigging and animating 40 actual products to be used in social media ads. During my internship at Hornet, I assisted in the rigging and animation of the products.

During the shoot days, I would animate jackets and hoodies on articulated mannequins, in the "soft goods" chamber. I had to give these products individual personalities when bringing them to life, as if someone was wearing these clothes, without having a face or hands! I worked closely with the art department and creative agency to ensure these products could give a believable performance that the clients would be happy with. 

Animated primarily on 1s and 2s, completing roughly one and a half shots a day, during 9 days of shooting.

Behind the Scenes

Some of the raw shots I was responsible for animating had interesting workarounds before they were handed off to compositing.


For the shot with the camo jacket, the creative agency had signed off on what they wanted the final pose to be, instead of aiming to hit this pose at the end of the animation, I just worked backwards, animating in reverse from the final frame.

The animation of the two grey sweaters mirroring each other was another challenging shot, the final effect was achieved by animating two identical mannequins at the same time.

Before animation began, I was tasked with creating the rig for the glove used in one of the final shots. I created the palm out of balsa, carved blue foam, and upholstery foam. I created the fingers, which were made of wire covered in carved upholstery foam, and used a 2-part epoxy to secure them to the palm. The foam hand was then covered in a black rubber glove, to slim the foam and make for easier insertion into the actual golf glove. The base of the palm was fitted with square brass tube to house a ball and socket joint to be rigged from. 


I was not responsible for the animation above, this was done by another animator on the project, Matt Somma.

Casey the dog on set!