Space Lovin' is a short, short stop motion film about a lonely spaceman looking for love, but sadly, he is brutally rejected by the rock he is infatuated with, stone cold! This short was the first Stop Motion film I ever created, I went through the entire pipeline from character design and storyboarding, fabrication, animation, and compositing, everything in this short was done by yours truly, in 9 weeks. 

Space Lovin' (2017): A short, short film about a lonely spaceman looking for love. SpaceGuy puppet created by injecting orange and silver tinted silicone on a wire armature. The "glitter effect" was achieved using Smooth-On Cast Magic powder. SpaceGuy facial replacements were created by lasercutting acrylic plastic and applied using museum wax. Sexy Space Lady (SSL) carved with love out of pink foam.
Lonely Space Guy Concept
Lonely Space Guy Expressions

The Space Man

For the Space Man puppet, he was sculpted with NSP Chavant clay over 1/8th armature wire, lashed together with 5 minute epoxy and proxy. I created a two part plaster mold from the clay sculpt, and then injected GI-1110 silicone into the mold to create the final puppet. For the silver parts of the character's body, I mixed Smooth-On Cast Magic glitter and metallic powder with the silicone before injecting. The head was casted in plastic in a mold created using GI-1000 silicone, I only casted one head because the facial replacements were applied to the surface using museum wax, and could easily be taken on and off a single head. The facial features were created by laser-cutting 1/16th acrylic plastic sheets, using vector art created in Illustrator, and then painted with acrylic paint. 

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